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Cenáculo magazine — edited by the students of the Faculty of Theology, Braga, from the Portuguese Catholic University — was first published in 1946. With articles that concern theological, cultural, academic and scientific contents, Cenáculo is being published every six months since then. On this project we analyzed the design history of Cenáculo over the last 70 years and presented a plan of redesign. We presented the design problem, it’s context and objectives as well as the methodology and concepts followed in the development of the work. This was confronted with the state of the art in relation to other magazines. Every aspects were analyzed and redesigned, starting from the logotype, the format and layout, the typographic choices, the paper and the use of photos. We also take advantage from a more metaphoric and conceptual aproach. The cover is printed in two colors and the interior in one color. Each maganize is between 100 and 250 pages. The first number redesigned was published in september 2016 and the second one in april 2017.

Art Direction: Edgar Afonso
Studio: Afonso Designers, Lda
Client: Cenáculo — Faculty of Theology, Braga (Portugal)
Year: 2016/17
Technique: Offset Print
Paper: Coral Book 90 gr