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Link Cowork


Viana do Castelo (city located in the litoral northern Portugal) brings together many of the distinctive features of the “Cittaslow”, cities ruled by a good quality of life, that emphasizes the nature and moments lived in peace and away from the frenzy of a large metropolis. At the same time, Viana is close to two major cities, Porto and Vigo (Spain), making it a strategic location for business. Thus, and according to felt needs, emerges in Viana the space LINK - Cowork & Business. LINK is presented as a COWORK space, a sharing area at various levels, with reduced costs, which facilitates corporate job and a network that enhances the business by promoting it more easily with partners and potential clients. Aimed at a young audience, enterprising, innovative, and coming from different work types, allowing the knowledge sharing.

Based on this briefing we were invited to design the LINK new identity. Based on the concepts of collaboration, it was important to refer the attractive aspect of working at the slow city Viana: a small town in northern Portugal that has a river, beach, mountain and many sunny days. The ideal place for those who like to work and also enjoy nature. So, to give the idea of collaboration and share in an innovative space with modern decor, we opted for a lettering design that distinguishes it and could translate the concepts of movement and interrelation. The design of the characters without closed lines and shapes interconnected, seeks to fulfill this goal. At the same time, it’s distinctive and unique, distinguishing it. To follow up the lettering, we designed a brand with pictorial elements but with an similar graphic language. The mountain, the river, the beach and the sun of Viana representing the quality of life that Viana do Castelo provides. 

Link - Cowork & Business - provides essential innovation to business growth, and Viana do Castelo meets conditions of excellence, with stunning views, that allow the practice of various sporting and leisure activities. The perfect combination for success.